A short time ago, a beautiful friend helped me plant all my flowers
in their pots and places.
I couldn’t have done it without her,
and was so grateful.

The next day, I was out fertilizing and watering them all
Relishing in the nourishing beauty
That would only increase in glory
Throughout the summer and into fall.

A neighbor man walked by with his little white dog.
(He walks by every day)
He spoke:
(I’m expecting something good)
“It look like…”
(Aren’t you expecting something good?)
You have a LOT of work
Over there in the corner.”


He was referring to the flowerbed
That hadn’t yet been weeded!
It took me a moment to register his comment,
SO opposite of my celebration of all the beauty.

I was stunned.

He had by-passed all the new color,
Fresh glory,
And focused his (and my) attention
On the ONE bed left unweeded.


I wasn’t offended,
As my joy over the beauty of all the fresh flowers
could not be dampened.
But I was shocked at how anyone could be so negative;
So critical.
Pointing out the thorn
And completely missing the rose.

This man’s comment told me something
about his perspective on life.
(The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.)
“It might be hard to be in his presence
For any length of time,” I thought to myself.

Someone once advised:
“Spend time with people
Who feel like sunshine.”
(Like my friend who helped me plant my flowers)

I re-decided in that moment:
I choose beauty.
I choose wonder.
I choose joy.

Matthew 6:22-23
Your eyes are windows into your body.
If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief,
your body fills up with light.
If you pull the blinds on your windows,
what a dark life you will have!
(The Message)

Help me to keep my eyes open wide
in wonder and belief
Fill my whole body with healing light.
Let me see the good,
the bright,
and the beautiful
All around me…
Instead of being critical
Toward others or the world.
Let my heart be full of light
And all my words give grace
(Heaven’s help & empowerment)
To those who hear them.
So be it.