Recommended Books for Overcoming Grief and Experiencing Healing

Discover Your God-Given Gifts

Don & Katie Fortune

Highly recommend for every families’ library!

In their brilliant book, Don & Katie Fortune explain the difference between Manifestation Gifts, Ministry Gifts, and Motivational Gifts.

Understanding your own motivational gifts is an essential way to bring clarity to not only who you are, but how God made you to operate, as part of His Body in the earth.

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Good Grief

Granger E. Westberg 

An easy read that is extremely helpful.

This is my most highly recommended little book on the basics of the grieving process. It is clear, concise which is very helpful during a time of grieving. Granger expands our understanding of how we grieve and what we grieve beyond loss via death of a loved one.

Good Grief by Granger Westberg

A Grace Disguised: How the soul grows through loss

Gerald L. Sittser 

A fantastic book for those who are grieving.

Gerald shares his own painful process through ‘catastrophic loss’ in a way that is relevant and revolutionary for any deep loss we must navigate in life. The book is available with application questions at the end of each chapter, making it an excellent book to work through personally or process with others in a small group setting.

A Grace Disguised

The Supernatural Power Of Forgiveness

Kris & Jason Vallotton

An excellent book on how to process pain.

This read covers much more than the essential element of forgiveness, when facing the loss of betrayal in human relationships. It is a book about processing your pain all the way to freedom. Jason shares his own revelatory process, after a heart-wrenching divorce. Kris (Jason’s dad) shares how the whole family found their eventual way to peace and wholeness.

The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness

The Grief Recovery Handbook

John W. James & Russell Friedman

I highly recommend this book for learning to process your own life’s losses.

These seasoned authors widen the lens to our entire lives losses, big and small, and help us understand the myths we’ve been taught that have not been helpful in navigating our grief. Definitely a how to manual that will help you work through your own stuck places with grieving losses, new and old, in your life.

Grief Recovery Handbook