Counseling with a Passion for Helping you Awaken to the Glory of Your Life

Janet Robinson, Founder of Awake and Arise Counseling Services

Meet Janet Robinson


Awake and Arise Ministries was conceived in God’s heart and birthed through a woman’s. Janet VG Robinson is an ordained minister, professional counselor, and mother of three, with a powerful teaching, healing and equipping ministry.

She is founder and director of Awake & Arise International Ministries, bringing transformation and awakening to the Body of Christ. Having her own powerful testimony of the transforming grace of God in her life, she now co-labors with Christ in intimate partnership to unveil, set free and reveal the true glorious identity of the Bride of Christ.

Whether counseling, teaching or ministering, Janet brings a wealth of experience to administering the power of God’s love and grace to every area of human brokenness. Her style is warm and personal, precise and powerful, and she loves applying God’s truth to transform individual’s life stories, guided by the Holy Spirit.

Janet’s training has been academic: 7 years University; B.A. in Human Services from Western Washington University; graduate work at University of Washington; spiritual: Elijah House Counseling Schools, Internship & staff counselor; School of Eagles Bible School; Ordained minister with House Of Bread ministries; and practical: deep/life personal experience through tragedy and transformation.

Janet both counsels (with 26+ years of experience) and trains and supervises other counselors, through her Counseling Training School, with a desire to raise up an army of ‘healed healers’ in the Body of Christ.

All Awake & Arise counseling is based on principles of scripture and dependent on the Holy Spirit’s presence and power. The ‘whole person’ is taken into consideration in the counseling process; issues of the body, soul & spirit are addressed as important to coming FULLY ALIVE.

Our Mission at Awake and Arise

Our Mission


Transforming cultures, one heart at a time, causing people to awaken to the glory of their lives and arise to the brilliance of their individual destinies through wise counsel, inspired teaching and anointed ministry for the glory of God.

Restore Counseling and Recovery

Our Work


Bringing the LIFE of the Father, the LOVE of the Son, and the POWER of the Spirit to all areas of personal brokenness … to restore beauty for ashes, joy for mourning and hope for despair … until broken hearts are healed, blind eyes are opened, and captives are set free …that people may be called “oaks of righteousness,” – lofty, strong and magnificent – the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.