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Janet teaches a wide variety of courses that bring heart-healing and inner-transformation to people around the world. Some of her recent favorites include:

  • The Restoration of Wonder
  • A Grace To Grieve (When the Bond Breaks)
  • Positioned For Promise: How To Leave Your Wilderness Behind
  • Awake & Arise: Keys to Transformation
  • In-to-me-see: The Journey You Were Made For

Looking for Group Therapy options? Checkout our list of upcoming live, Interactive Online Courses. These courses are a great option for individuals looking for community and the wonderful healing that comes from group therapy sessions.

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Single, on-demand classes are now available for life-time digital purchase! Better yet – become an Awake & Arise Preferred Member to gain unlimited access to the entire Awake & Arise library of pre-recorded courses during your active membership!

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Full-Course Meal

“All of it was so good! Every day was like sitting at a banquet table together where each meal was thoughtfully and lovingly prepared according to each of our needs.

It was nourishing and even medicinal. The fellowship was sweet. I felt honored to hear the real stuff people shared. Thank you for this course! Oh, it was a ‘full course meal!’”

~ Student

Life Changing

“It was really remarkable. So worth more than the money – just incredible! I can say without a doubt it was transformative and life-changing and I won’t be the same!

God really uprooted a deep seated root of fear – and healed me from that. It has just been phenomenal and amazing and so exciting!”

~ Student

No Longer Alone

“In the class I was very touched with the emphasis of looking at things in a new way. This is something I hope to put into practice in several aspects of my life. Somehow this helps me not to feel so alone, and that I will get through it. Thank you Janet!”

~ Student

Such A Blessing

“It was such a blessing to be part of something so powerful – especially as I am going through a very tough season in my life.”

~ Student

Amazing Journey: I Feel Awakened

“Fantastic class – well worth every penny. So many things covered in the class are available no place else.”

“This was an amazing journey for me. I am so excited for my future and what God has in store for me.”

“I feel awakened!”

~ Student

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