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In·to·me·see: The journey you were made for (on-demand course for transformation)


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In·to·me·see: The journey you were made for (on-demand course for transformation)

A 10-week, 10-hour transformational journey through the Song of Songs.

COME and FIND YOUR FIT within the Beautiful, Beloved Bride of Christ. It’s what you were made for; it’s where YOU BELONG!  Your personal journey of transformation, from outset to end, has one goal: to bring you HOME – to HIS HEART OF LOVE – for YOU.

“Jesus wants to share His life and His throne with YOU. But the preparation to make you fit for a King is surprisingly unique. He prepares His Bride by convincing her of His love for her, even in her weakness. You will find no angry exhortation here, and no exasperation at her failures. He doesn’t shame you into maturity, but loves you into the fullness of your destiny. He puts a crown upon you head and watches you grow up to fit it!” ~ The Sacred Journey, by Brian Simmons

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