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Our Approach to Individual Counseling


Awake & Arise Counseling services is a unique opportunity to be heard, honored and understood by an expert; given transformative tools for inner healing; and led, through prayer ministry, on your own personal, confidential journey of heart healing.

Whether we meet in person or via a virtual session, you will experience the same level of care.

You will be brought into the powerful, healing presence of Jesus’ love, and respectfully guided to understand and deal with the ‘root’ issues of whatever present ‘fruit’ in your life has caused you to seek our help.

Expect a Spirit-led session, with a wise, seasoned counselor, who will guide you toward realizing, releasing and resolving whatever has held you back from becoming ALL YOU WERE CREATED TO BE!

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It Will Change Your Life

If you want your life to change, to live in freedom and wholeness, experience New Testament miracles, and the abundant joy of being fully healed, Awake & Arise is the place, and Janet is the woman to walk with you through the journey. God has brought me to places I never thought possible through the blessing of Janet’s prayers and counseling. She has been a safe place to deeply dive into unimaginable darkness and pain to help free me from the chains of bondage and the burdens of trauma, rage, fear, depression, and grief into who I am truly meant to be. I cannot recommend this beautiful, warrior woman of God more highly! It will change your life.

~ Client

Forever Thankful

I am so very grateful for who Janet is and her obedience to walk in her counseling gifting, grounded in Christ our Lord. When I went to Janet, I felt like I was a sailboat stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. My sail was down and I was just drifting. She helped me to set my sail once again and catch the trade winds of life which are filled with love, joy, adventure and peacefulness. She didn’t tell me to get sailing, or do it for me. She allowed me to connect to my heavenly Father to find my way and strengthen my sailing skills. Now, even though storms may come, I am not afraid to encounter them. Janet played a very integral part in my life and I am forever thankful.

~ Client

Couldn't Recommend More Highly!

When you seek counseling from Janet Robinson you will be greeted with compassion and understanding. You will be Seen! You will be Heard! Her gifts are plentiful. She is discerning and insightful. Her goal is to help people become fully alive to their purpose and destiny; no longer carrying unnecessary baggage and heavy burdens; lighter, set-free and whole from the inside out!

Investing yourself in counseling sessions with Janet is an investment that will pay you and your loved ones great dividends not only for years to come but for the generations that will come after you!

~ Client

Unequivocally Gifted

Janet has been instrumental facilitating a Holy Spirit empowered change in our lives and marriage. Janet is unequivocally gifted as a therapist, able to give constructive insights to complex issues emanating from a firm understanding of sound Biblical and psychological principles that have been transformative in our lives. I highly recommend Janet as an individual and couple’s therapist.

~ Client

Grateful For Her Wisdom

I’m a pastor who came to Janet at a time when I needed serious breakthrough in areas that were holding me back. I had hurts, some imposed by others, some self-inflicted. These deep wounds from my past were affecting my everyday decision making, far more than I really understood. Holy Spirit is doing such a beautiful work in may life as a result of trusting Janet too was walk me through some deep Inner Healing.

~ Client

More Breakthrough than Ever Experienced

Last year, I flew from my hometown to see Janet for a 3-day intensive counseling retreat. I was hurting, confused, and broken, and in need of help and hope. From the moment I walked into her office, I knew this was going to be life-changing. The way Janet allowed Holy Spirit revelation to lead her, helped me receive a lot of healing in just three days. It wasn’t easy, it was exhausting, but it was absolutely priceless! This profound weekend gave me more breakthrough than I have ever experienced, and propelled me forward in many areas in my life. I know God ordained this connection with Janet, and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart.

~ Client

Bible-Based Counseling that Leads to Freedom

Janet is a Bible-based counselor who leads people into discovering truth that allows them to walk in freedom! She is kind, wise, and a wonderful listener.

~ Client

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