Anyone who’s been through a journey with cancer knows that this journey is not a sprint… it’s truly a marathon. Anyone who’s run a marathon knows that endurance is required – and tested.

Some days I grow impatient with the process. I’d just like to be ‘done’ with it all. I’m tired. Sick of this daily focus on healing my body. Frustrated with the level of self-care required, and all the new daily routines that have become important to my healing journey. Yet I know I have far to go, and so many more lessons to learn, as I run this race. 

Culturally, we have mostly been taught to ignore our bodies… drag them along… demand they perform whatever we want them to… disregard their tiredness… deny the natural limits of our humanity. We’ve largely disconnected from our bodies, and their incredible capacities. We’ve been rough on this temple of flesh we live in; dishonored this gift we’ve been given. 

I am guilty, too. And I didn’t know it. 

A cancer diagnosis (or any other serious illness) is a rude awakening; a sign that something has gone wrong… that allowed our bodies to reach a state of ‘dis-ease.’ Maybe we ignored the signs. Perhaps we didn’t care. Often we just didn’t know. 

In her amazing book “Self Heal By Design”, Barbara O’Neill explains: 

“The human body 

is the exquisite structure in which we each reside, 

and surely it is the responsibility of every human being 

to know something about the house we live in. 

The human body has the ability to heal itself. 

It is a self-healing organism,

and it will heal itself 

if given the right conditions. 


many today are ignorant of these conditions.”

Robert Boyle knew this way back in 1690 – he is quoted as saying:

It is highly dishonorable for a reasonable soul,

Living in so divinely a built mansion

As the body she resides in,

To be totally unacquainted with its exquisite structure.

~ Robert Boyle, 1690

In our society it’s so easy to ‘power through’ and do, do, do without regard for our own limits or the damage being done to our own physical health. The fact that we survive as well as we do is testament to just how amazing our bodies are! We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made! Our ‘body-mansions’ truly deserve attentive care and deep respect!

Wayne Muller, in one of my favorite books on ‘Rest’ – simply titled, “Sabbath,” calls our modern day pace “violent” and identifies “the corrosive pressure of over-activity” that causes suffering in ourselves and others. He says, “If we do not allow for a rhythm of rest in our overly busy lives, illness may become our Sabbath.”

I teach these concepts… yet here I am.

On this healing journey, I am learning so much I didn’t understand about my bodies divine design… how to cooperate with it, and honor it – and its Designer… toward the full restoration of my health… one step, one day at a time.

And when I grow weary – I remind myself that this is not a sprint… it’s a marathon. And anyone who’s run a marathon knows that endurance is required – and tested. 

Creator God,

When you designed us –

Spirit, soul and body…

You celebrated and said,

“Very good!”


Forgive us for ignoring our bodies needs,

Disconnecting from our bodies limits,

Treating our bodies with dishonor

And therefore dishonoring You… 

For we didn’t know what we were doing. 


Forgive our impatience,

our arrogance,

and our anger

With our own finite strength. 


Keep teaching us to cooperate

with Your beautifully created design. 

How wonderfully we were made!

Each of our ‘temples’ are fearfully awesome.


We entrust our bodies

To You Who knows what to do,

How to heal,

And fully restore us

To the vibrant living beings

You created us to be. 


Fill us with your healing light,

Align every cell of our being

with heaven’s frequencies,

And restore the sacred rhythm’s of rest

That nourish and refresh us –

Spirit, soul and body.