It’s definitely been a faith stretching time, for me. 

This morning I’m reading John 6 where Jesus fed 5000 people with five barley loaves and two small fish.

Verse 5: Jesus turned to Phillip and said, “Where will we buy enough food to feed all these people?” Then we are told, “Jesus already knew what he was about to do, but he said this to stretch Philip’s faith.” 

(Jesus brings us into his miracles to stretch our faith, because it is the most valuable commodity in the eternal realm. Faith is the currency – like money on earth – of heaven.)

When a child’s loaves and fishes were discovered, Jesus had everyone sit down. He gave thanks to God, and miraculously, the food multiplied, with everyone eating as much as they wanted. And there were twelve heaping baskets left over – one for each disciple. 


Brian Simmons application (TPT) : “To receive bread from Jesus, the Source, doesn’t require that you stand and work hard for it – you simply sit down and rest to be fed the living bread.” And, “Philip was hoping to give each one a little to eat, but Jesus’ supply is always abundant  to satisfy the hunger of all.” 

However you or I are ‘hungry’ today; wherever we are afraid of lack; however we are just hoping for ‘enough to get by’… Jesus Himself is our abundant supply.  

He is calling me into a deeper rest, in this season than I have ever experienced. As I rest I am coming to trust His care, His supply, His abundance, His healing to a greater degree than ever before. 

When you are working to increase your muscle mass at the gym – you go beyond your present strength, and tear down what you’ve got so far – to increase its size and power. My present level of faith feels like that. In daily moments and some sleepless nights, the faith level I’ve had up till now – fails me… and then I experience a fresh grace of increase in strength that follows. Even joy. 


He is the author and finisher (perfecter, completer) of our faith. 

Matthew 11: Jesus says… Watch how I do it… I’ll give you REST for your souls. My yoke is easy and light – receive the rhythms of my grace – and learn to live freely and lightly; carefree in my care, as I watch over your life. I am your shepherd – you shall have no lack. My supply for you is abundant, not barely enough. Remember I fed the 5000 ‘as much as they wanted’ – not just ‘needed.’ No matter your trial… REST and TRUST MY GOODNESS today!!! I am carefully working to stretch your present level of faith so that you carry a greater and greater weight of wealth in my Kingdom, which is not of this earth. This is your eternal (what you’ll have now and forever) weight of glory. Realize I am blessing you richly during and through your earthly trials.