I’ve always been a rather private person,
And avoided self-promotion,
Because I feared shame.

(Vulnerability can feel like that…)

You may not relate to what I write
Or how I’m going through my cancer journey.
But I can only follow my individual design,
According to my Designer’s voice
As best I know how.

This blog will be an expression of
Who I am,
As one who is continuing to learn to live
To please an audience of ONE.

Each of us is responsible to live
By ‘Divine Design.’
You and I can only become good at being ‘who we are.’
We will always make a crummy copy of anyone else.

When I felt God asking me to share this journey
I wrestled pretty deeply with my ‘want to.’
But it came down to this:
(From my journal…)

“The main reason I wouldn’t share my journey,
I’m realizing… would be either:
1. Pride, or
2. Shame
Neither of those are good reasons.

I know trusting God always brings what’s best;
I want to walk in obedience to Him.
Sooo… what have I got to lose…
but some pride… and some shame?!

Well dang – decision made.
OH – God help me!”

“Anyone who believes in Him
Will never be put to shame.”
Romans 10:11

I believe.