Before I even knew what journey lie ahead…
God made sure GRACE would get me through
– for FREE!

At years beginning,
I found myself in need of a new car.
I’ve experienced many ‘house and car miracles’
In the years I’ve been a single ‘kept woman.’ 🙂

So I asked God for another one.

What He did for me
Was beyond my expectations!

He led me to find the ‘right car’
At the ‘right price’
Which is no small thing for me…
This not being an area of my expertise.

AND… the greatest surprise of all:
Three generous family members
Lovingly pitched in enough money
To pay for it IN FULL.

I received a new vehicle
From my Heavenly Father
Via His loved ones
Because He loves me so…

AND he knew the message
Of GRACE getting me through
All that lie ahead
Was a crucial one for me.

I am aware
As I drive my white Kia Niro Hybrid Touring Wagon
From appointment to test to consult to appointment,
That amazing GRACE has led me thus far…
And grace will see me through.

She was too cute to simply call ‘Grace’
So I named her “GRACIE.” 🙂

For is is by FREE GRACE
That you are saved
Through faith.
This is not of your own striving,
But it is the GIFT OF GOD.
Ephesians 2:8

Meet ‘GRACIE.’ (Isn’t she a cutie?!) 🙂