Awake & Arise

Are you tired of just surviving?

You can break through your barriers and begin to thrive!


September 21-23, 2018

The Awake & Arise weekend is especially for you if any the following are true for you:

  • You know you’re stuck, but don’t know what is holding you back from moving forward
  • You fear that you will never become the person you were meant to be
  • You put on masks to hide your sense of shame and inadequacy from others
  • You feel a lot of emotional pain inside but you don’t know how to process it
  • Disappointments, traumas or losses from your past are still weighing down your present
  • You find yourself operating from ‘obligation’ or ‘have to’ instead of a genuine ’want to’ in your life
  • You feel powerless and like people too easily control or manipulate you
  • You know you perform to please people but fear you won’t be loved if you stop
  • You find it hard to let go of resentments toward those who’ve wronged you
  • You struggle with a nagging sense of condemnation and guilt
  • You pick up and carry others burdens and pain – to the point that life becomes heavy and joyless
  • Your relationships are too often characterized more by ‘bondage’ than life-giving, healthy bonds
  • You keep hurting your children in ways you were hurt growing up – and don’t know how to interrupt these destructive patterns

Are you ready to break free through the personal barriers that stop you from being all you were born to be? Do you want to be empowered to thrive?


Imagine if you could clear all your major blocks that are holding you back in one weekend? Sound too good to be true? Over 2000 people have experienced this life-transforming weekend – where that’s exactly what happens! And it could happen for you!


There are things that are binding you to your past, that are locked in your subconscious mind and effect your life today… and this program gently releases them forever! So that you can be empowered to move forward in health and freedom, to become all you were meant to be!


Imagine being helped to discover what has been holding you back…. and knowing how to release it! Imagine finally understanding and breaking through those frustrating unknown and unseen barriers that have always kept you living short of your potential!


Imagine if you could…

  • be set free of addictions that have dominated your life for years
  • resolve past traumas & losses that have caused confusion all your life
  • discover where your fears and insecurities came from – and conquer them
  • be permanently set free from social anxiety – so you can be around and connect to people without being afraid
  • have the feeling of unbearable weight being lifted off your shoulders, body and mind
  • experience your pain restored and your self worth reconstructed

This is not too good to be true – and this can happen for you!

Awake & Arise is a program that can – and has – brought countless individuals and families through profound, deep, lasting healing in a gentle process… with permanent results and learned skills that can be used for the rest of their lives! This is a weekend experience with the potential to set a new trajectory for your life and put you, finally, on the pathway to thriving; to living the life you’ve always wanted… one that’s enjoyable for you and brings happiness to others.

Let me invite you to Awake from your survival…

And Arise – to Thrive!…

To live fully the one, unique, amazing and beautiful life you’ve been given!


September 21-23, 2018


“I have been taught many things about inner healing over the years, but I have to say – this was the most concise, methodical, and palatable teaching I’ve heard. And presented in a way only Janet could – gently and with authority. Her stories validated all she taught – her own struggles and victories makes it so fresh! It shows just how ‘real’ she is and that she ‘walks the talk!’”
~ participant at an Awake & Arise event


Astounding Results!

The Awake & Arise Weekend has transformed my life! It was like my eyes were being opened for the first time! Everything that was bitter has become sweet. I am blessing myself for the first time in my life. I am experiencing extravagant joy…. extravagant peace….. extravagant love. For the first time in my life…. I am walking around saying, “I love life!!!!”

The weekend wasn’t about digging up the past….but about a releasing of things that kept me unknowingly bound to the past. I feel free! I feel like a butterfly!”
~ Marg Boyer
“This whole experience is completely life-giving, life changing, powerful, honest, real, and something that I believe everyone should go through! My first time through I was set free from an anxiety around being with and connecting to people – and I was able to finally be myself – and like who I am! It was the most powerful thing at the time… and it still is!”
– anonymous man
“This weekend was amazing! I will go back home a better wife and mother…. I am so excited to deepen the relationships I have with my children and change the patterns of our family. I have tools that I am so excited about! I will definitely be back! Thank you!!!”
~ anonymous young mother
I don’t think I can even begin to scratch the surface of what God has done for me through this weekend. Every section and I think every prayer has impacted me. I was dead, dry and empty. I was wounded, angry and lost. But now none of those things are me. I found new life, new hope and a new heart!”
~ Amani Hanson
“This is the type of program that teaches how life actually works… Such that we can then succeed in life – with relationships, work, and play. It is my heartfelt prayer that ALL people would get these life learnings. Oh my! – how their lives could flourish!  A “must-go” event!”
~ anonymous man
“I just want to share with you how incredible the weekend was for me in a really unexpected way. On Sunday, I broke a soul tie, not to a person but to an addiction, that has dominated my life for over 20 years – and I truly mean that it has dominated me! I was terrified I would feel empty… I have never lived without it, I had no idea what it’d be like. But I want to share the joy that followed it all…so much joy that I wasn’t expecting! I am just seeing freedom everywhere… I don’t think I’ve ever been more ‘me’ than I am right now. I don’t just feel better. Something is actually tangibly different!”
~ anonymous woman
“I can’t thank you all enough, for what you all do! The impact has awakened the dead places in me! I am so excited for my life and for my future! I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude!!!”
~ Yesenia Abarca
This weekend has been a beautiful song…. And my heart danced at every beat.

My family needed this even more than I thought we did. Thank you for being the ‘wake-up’ call! Thank you for being the safe place for me and my family to start the process of healing in a deep and profound way. You are all amazing…. Amazing!”
~ Tersia De Jager
Oh My! I did not even realize there was such a depth to who I am! I was bearing guilt and condemnation, unknowingly. As ‘I’ was revealed, I realized how much I did not know. It was so gently presented, that I could accept what I discovered about myself.”
~ Joan ‘Joy’ Statema
“Awake & Arise is a beautiful expression of God’s grace, generosity, wisdom and beauty. I have learned to bond, trust, thrive and love myself more fully. I feel more tender, more love, less shame and tons of hope for my journey forward!!”
~ anonymous woman
“This experience has shown me the most intense presence of God’s love I have ever felt. I began this journey at my breaking point…weighed down, dragging my soul behind me because my shoulders were already full. I have been shown that I am a huge ‘burden bearer’… and have been carrying the burdens of more than I could bear. This process has lifted these things from my shoulders, body and mind. Shattered pain and reconstructed self worth are two invaluable things I leave with this weekend. It has literally saved my life!”
~ anonymous woman
“I could never figure out where my fears and insecurities came from. I’ve received so many answers this weekend… and I’ve received healing in places of my life I never thought would be healed! Other areas in my life have been opened up… so I can continue to receive healing from here on out. I am so thankful for all these tools  I’ve learned, that I can take with me! They will change the course of my family! I’m forever grateful for this weekend !”
~ anonymous woman

How will Awake & Arise change your life??

These testimonials are from normal men and women, just like you and me, from all over the globe…. sharing their outcomes of breaking through their personal barriers – with permanent, lasting results, in their own particular areas of pain! YOU CAN EXPERIENCE THE SAME! You can be the catalyst for LASTING CHANGE in your own life, and in the lives of those you love!

DON’T HESITATE! Space is limited!!! REGISTER NOW before the next AWAKE & ARISE WEEKEND is filled up. This amazing, powerful, life-changing, transformational experience is waiting for YOU. For a small investment of time and money, you will finally break free!!!

All you have to do is ENROLL NOW before the spaces are full for the next AWAKE & ARISE WEEKEND!



September 21-23, 2018

What To Expect



  • God’s plan is YOU FULLY ALIVE
  • Embracing glory instead of shame
  • Releasing your past to flourish in your present
  • How we’re hurt and how we heal


  • Re-claiming your power to choose
  • Re-leased from victimhood
  • Re-embracing hope
  • Reconstructing your boundaries


  • Recognizing the sentences you live by
  • Renouncing old agreements
  • Released from prison
  • Re-engaging God’s protection


  • Embracing God’s greatest key to freedom
  • What forgiveness is and what it’s NOT
  • Taking responsibility
  • Getting free and staying free


  • Releasing the burden of unhealthy bonds
  • Being cleansed and staying clean
  • Honoring our bodies
  • Embracing intimacy


  • Becoming the catalyst
  • Breaking the chains
  • Forsaking the familiar
  • Restoring the Blessings

Experience an all-inclusive retreat, held at the extraordinary Cedar Springs Retreat Center in the foothills of Northwest Washington. [].

Enjoy gorgeous grounds, cozy accommodations, and delicious home-cooked meals.

Meet in a beautiful conference room, with deluxe snacks at every break.

Receive transformative teachings with powerful activations and a comprehensive manual.

Be supported at all times with prayer and care by an expertly trained ministry team.

A creative follow-up package will be announced during the weekend for your after-care and continued transformation.

What you’ll gain by attending this weekend

You will gain fresh meaning and purpose in your life!
You will be empowered to move beyond survival!
You will learn what’s blocking you – and clear it!
You will understand your pain – and how to process it!
You will know how to live life to the fullest!
You will be able to become the person you were meant to be!
You will feel ready to thrive!
You will shine!


September 21-23, 2018

More Astounding Results!

This weekend was beyond my wildest dreams!
~ anonymous

“This weekend has been something incredible. I was so hesitant coming here, not to mention terrified of what would/could/should happen. Tonight, on the last night – I feel so light, free and open! I feel like I’ve learned so much, and have gained so many invaluable tools that I’ll be able to use for the rest of my life! I would recommend anyone to this – this weekend is for anyone, and everyone!”
~ anonymous woman

Over the weekend the Awake & Arise team and teachings have absolutely held the doors open, lit the path, provided the walking shoes and come along as a travel partner! God has overcome my past and the 30 years of confusion that followed. Today is a new day and the Son is rising on the horizon!”
~ anonymous man