Sing your Song

Remember The Carpenters? (this will date me!)
“Sing… sing your song…sing out loud…sing out strong;
Don’t worry that it’s not good enough, for anyone else to hear…
just sing…sing your song!”

If you know me, you know I love to write. I absolutely believe in the power of daily journaling. It has been such a key tool in my personal journey to becoming ‘what God meant when He meant me,’ that I have a not-so-secret desire to inspire everyone I know to journal!

There have been several days in my life that I’ve come to look back on as ‘a first day of the rest of my life.’ Many of those transforming moments happened while journaling. Here’s one I will never forget… It was early in my ‘journey.’ I had begun being counseled and was in the early momentum of discovery. One morning this truth rolled (exploded?!) off my pen: “I AM A BEAUTIFUL SONG THAT HAS NEVER BEEN SUNG.” I was stunned. It was so true. I didn’t yet know ‘who I was.’ Let me make it personal: THERE IS A BEAUTIFUL SONG THAT HAS NEVER BEEN SUNG: YOURS!

Now think for a minute. Can you imagine if the most amazing composer of all time (David calls Him the Chief Musician) wrote the most beautiful songs ever written, and then some (most?) of them were stashed away…. hidden… forgotten… never seen. Never heard. Never known.

Years later I would hear for the first time that every living creature’s DNA is made up of….musical notes! WOW. Did you know ‘your song’ can actually be ‘played’ from your DNA? As well as a swan’s… or a leopard’s…?! At the same time I learned that flowers don’t actually open in the morning because of dawn’s light, but because of the songs of the birds at dawn. Music…. causes all creation to open, to live!

Look with me, for a minute at just a few places this truth about ‘YOUR SONG’ is hidden in the scriptures… The Song of Songs:Solomon is said to have written 1005 songs and this was “the most excellent of them all.” It’s a love song. A duet, really, between him and ‘his favorite’ among all his lovers. A friend wondered out loud, one day on the phone, why would God use the story of a polygamist to demonstrate Christ’s love for his bride?? Great question. These are my thoughts: As ‘the redeemed’ – we all, together, are ‘His Bride.’ I challenge you – spend time soaking in The Song of Songs – take it personally, and you will begin to discover that out of all the others who make up ‘The Bride of Christ,’ YOU are singled out in His heart. Your own relational journey with Him is of massive importance. And ‘your own Song of Songs,’ literally – a duet you alone can make with Him – is waiting to be heard. It is His deepest desire – and yours – and the world’s around you… that your own ‘Song of Songs’ be heard!

Then there’s Genesis 4. This story has always fascinated me. Maybe because I’m a counselor and deal with family dysfunction regularly, but REALLY: fresh out of Eden’s perfection, there was first degree murder in the first family on earth! In the middle of this story God interacted with Cain to woo his heart away from the devastating power of his unresolved jealousy and hatred. He gave him this instruction: “If you do well, will you not be accepted?” I’ve studied it out. Most fascinating: One of the meanings of “do well” in Hebrew is to “make a beautiful sound!” God was, in essence, saying to Cain, “Son, you are a beautiful song that has never been sung!” I compare you to no one. Don’t covet your brother’s life – I’ve given to each their own unique ‘sound.’ Find yours. Become it, live it – sing your song – and you will not be disappointed!

Remember: You will always make a good ‘you’ and a crummy copy of somebody else.
There IS a beautiful song that has never been sung – YOURS!
I challenge you… Sing YOUR song!