Simple Reflections of Christmas

…Wishing A Merry One to each of you.

As cars ‘slush’ by outside,
and layers of snow slowly slide off branches with the rain,
my favorite Josh Groben Christmas song plays
and I sit in my grandpa’s chair
drinking Bentley’s Peppermint Cane Tea
with what should be one of my last chocolate indulgences for the season.

Soon, I will soak in a bath of Cranberry bubbles
and read further in the Jane Kirkpatrick series I’m enjoying.
Ron will have others here this afternoon, 
to teach them early steps to carving,
while I work at my computer.

I cleaned up our dinner mess from last night
so enjoying
leisurely remembering each word and look of dear friends
as I scraped leftovers into warm sudsy water.

All this to say…
what rejuvenates me most of all
is an unhurried pace
& empty space,
with loved one’s recent smiles
to savor…
I take in every splendid detail,
if allowed the time,
and am my best self
in such moments.

My fondest dream is to be
surrounded by love
and visual abundance
with ambiance of cozy lights and smells – 
celebration & security – 
woven together,
seeping deep into my soul.

This sitting “until my spirit catches up with my body”
is foreign to my culture,
but precious to me.
I suffocate without it.

My robe is as white as the snow,
fuzzy and soft;
my new slippers, 
warm and strong.
Breathing slowly…
in and out, in and out;
these moments of peace
are irreplaceable.

How can I
 regularly celebrate such solitude –
so essential for my life
and all I am?
This stabilizes me, 
produces the best fruit,
provides the rest,
from which thoughts
become a substance to bless.

 David said in Psalm 23, ” He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul.”  Throughout the Gospels, this same Jesus who led David, often retreated into solitude, going up on a mountain to pray, slipping away to a lonely place early in the morning.

He will lead us as well —to slow down, unplug, accept the invitation to come aside. We won’t  find restoration  in the midst of the Matrix. We need quiet time in the presence of God.

Set aside some time to be quiet. Be still. Breathe slowly and deeply for a few minutes. Simply savor every experience the holidays provided you. Let them become a part of  you. New colors to the warp and woof of the life that is ‘you.’  Wherever you are, whatever you do – keep becoming  yourself. You are special and Beloved. 

Breath deeply, my soul.
Be quiet within me.
Rest awhile.