My times are in Your Hands 2 ~ Psalm 31:15

A short time ago, I was counseling a young woman through a traumatic experience of abuse that occurred when she was just 3 years old. She was fully ‘in the memory’ and was aware of Jesus presence with her in it for the first time. She cried out, “Jesus, make it safe!” And then protested, “How can He make it safe when it already happened??!” I explained to her that though she was now an adult woman living in 2007, that little girl she was, was still stuck back in the pain of those moments of abuse at 3 years old. She had not yet been ‘saved’ (which means, literally, ‘brought to safety’) out of that trauma to her body, soul & spirit. So it was appropriate to ask Jesus, now, to bring her to safety, then. He dwells beyond the constraints of our time line – seeing and being able to be in all the moments of our life with us, at the same time.

Just a few days ago, praying together with our Awake & Arise intercessors for the up-coming weekend, October 26-28, one of them saw a picture she did not understand. It was a timeline, with all it’s marks, and over the entire timeline were written the words YOU ARE HERE. I got excited! God is saying that as He dwells above and out side of ‘time’, so He is releasing a grace for us as His people in which He can bring us into a reality in Him where he can meet us at any space in time, process, day, hour, memory, trauma, age, year – any time throughout our past, present and I believe, future as well, if needed, so that what needs to shift can be shifted, what needs to become unstuck can become unstuck, what needs to be healed can be healed, what needs to be removed can be removed….what needs to be transformed can be transformed, TO – DAY!


God, Thank you that You dwell outside the constraints of time and can meet me where ever I’ve become stuck… to heal my heart, set me free and put my feet facing forward on the path of life before me – leading to my destiny, in You, un-hindered! I CHOOSE LIFE today and give You permission to meet me where You must – to make me free indeed.