My times are in Your Hands 1 ~ Psalm 31:15

I went on a 3 day retreat recently – it was summer’s end and the last 3 days of my 47th year. For several years God has spoken deeply to me on or around my birthday – setting in motion a new spiritual season in my life. I left for Cedar Springs – a pristine local Christian retreat center – armed with one thought: “Teach me to number my days”… (Psalm 90:12). My Bible, journal, big blue concordance,  pumpkin spice candle,  worship music and walking shoes made up the rest of my tools. 

What the Lord spoke to me began with fresh secrets hidden in the Hebrew meanings of these verse’s words: 

Teach me = know me, by seeing – [includes observe me, care for me, recognize me, instruct me, designate for me, (even) punish me when I need it]…
number = weigh out; allot; enumerate; appoint; prepare; set; tell…
days  = a space of time;  age; daily; full-life; now; present; season; process of time; a while; whole, full year.

And, My times = my now; due season; my ‘when to advance, or continue’, my time to remove or to be adorned or decked out
are in His
hands = His open hand, as opposed to closed – indicating power, means and direction.

Hallejuah! This open-handed God with all the power, means and direction that I need… knows me well by seeing me with care-full clarity…this God teaches me to weigh out, understand and appoint properly my NOW  – my present season, age, process and whole year ahead, so I can rest assured that what is DUE me is protected by Him and will not be missed. I can trust His hand to advance me, punish me, remove from me what must be removed or adorn me with promotion and rewards in perfect time!

A Prayer to Transform my Heart:

Dear Father,
Thank you that Your hands are open wide to give me all the power, means and direction I so desperately need. Thank you that You do not know me casually and from afar, but by seeing me up-close and clearly, with a heart full of care. Out of this personal knowledge, teach me to ‘number’ my days properly; give me Your wisdom for my ‘now’ – my present season, age, process and the whole year ahead of me. Help me rest assured in trust of Your desire to do good to me – that You are working to bring about all that is due me, and I will not miss the fullness of my destiny in You. I choose to trust the works of Your hands in my life at present – whether You are advancing me or punishing me, removing what needs to be removed or rewarding me with promotion at this time. What a good Father You are!