In all things give thanks…

In keeping with the theme of thanks – giving… A preacher recently reminded us to “Appreciate everything! Appreciating every small thing around you will help you be more and more connected to and in awe of God.” 

When I  walk in the nearby woods, it helps all my senses to be more alert if I attempt to describe my surroundings in the best descriptive words I can, like:

“A cool sun presses through the dull, barren winter trees… their fallen leaves softening my footsteps as I walk in the woods on this crisp, invigorating Thursday morning. My thoughts flow freely as my heart pumps with life. This morning I am thinking about breath…”

Mankind’s first touch from God was His large hands – forming our body out of dirt. Next – His
kiss as He made alive with His breathe or Spirit. (The two are interchangeable throughout scripture). A friend recently visited with a mother grieving the recent passing of her pregnant daughter – 2 generations gone in one moment! This mother shared her perspective: When we breathe out our last breath, Jesus meets us, face to face, and we breathe it back into Him – our first contact with Glory is, again, His kiss! Poetic or real? Beautiful, either way!

For God is sheer beauty,

all generous in love, 
loyal always and ever.
    ~ Psalm 100: 5 [The Message]

I asked Jesus where He was as I walked…He said, “Right in front of you – breathe me in!”

As the holiday pace accelerates…. don’t forget to 

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