I Wonder

MY WORDS for 2016 are…



What are yours???


Check out my new BLOG, called “I WONDER…”


COME, WONDER with me… in this NEW YEAR …

For “Not all those who WONDER, are lost.” 🙂


In fact, did you know that …





That’s what my opening BLOG POST is about.


I think you will ENJOY IT.





I admit it. I’ve been a HOARDER. Not necessarily the kind that word usually conjures up…. but another kind. I’ve been writing for YEARS. EVERY DAY. It’s one of my very favorite past times. And my intentions have been to share – they really have – but the insights I’ve consistently gained through my private journaling – are, well, often just that – PRIVATE. And I kind of like it that way. I’m really fine with gathering TREASURES in SECRET, as I meet daily, in morning solitude, with my own soul and it’s Maker. But I am quite sure I am being asked, NOW, to start GIVING AWAY my treasures. SO I will. One by one… as they come and I feel led.

I start every day with pen in hand  (and my cinnamon/pumpkin spiced coffee in the other) and fill the pages of each of my carefully picked journals about every 6 weeks. (Some might say I’m ‘verbose.’) Never the less… I am making a NEW YEAR’S COMMITMENT to you. Whoever you are, who may be reading these words. And that is a SCARY thing for me to do. Because I believe in the power of words, and the saying “My WORD is my HONOR.” I have not performed that perfectly throughout my life – but it is a strong value of mine. So it’s no casual comment for me to commit to you a REGULAR BLOG. I am saying REGULAR as a sort of buffer – to give me room to fail, if that is fair. And by ‘regular’ I mean AT LEAST once a month. But hopefully once a week. So you may hold me to that and return here often for INSPIRATION.

INSPIRATION ABOUT WHAT??  Well….. WONDER, for starts. And WISDOM (one of my favorite topics – and Persons – but more on that later)…. and WELL-BEING.

I like my chosen name: “I WONDER…” It was inspired by a recent invitation to a winery way up in B.C. where two women, Marg & Tersia, have it in heart to inspire and reveal the BEAUTY and WORTH of WOMEN in their region. Boy did we have a BLAST doing just that. I hope you will be INSPIRED to know your own INCREDIBLE WORTH – male or female that you are – as you partake of WONDER with me this YEAR.

Truth be told…. I also like the name ‘I WONDER…” because it gives me, as a BLOGGER, a lot of FREEDOM …. to go all over the place. I get bored easily with repetition – which works out WELL for me in some aspects of life – and not so well in others…. I’ll leave that to your imagination. 🙂 BUT, I do expect to take you, my reader, ALL OVER THE PLACE as I share my thoughts in writing through the year. Just like my private times, with pen, every morning….. I am freshly inspired often by all sorts of things – spiritual, emotional and physical. So EXPECT the UNEXPECTED, here. I may surprise you, and myself, by staying with a theme for a time…. and then suddenly write about something completely different – even odd. So please bare with me, folks…. and ENJOY THE RIDE.

For it is true: NOT ALL THOSE WHO WONDER are lost.

Well what do you know… I filled up 2 1/2 pages with an INTRODUCTION. I promise my NEXT blog will be about “EXPECTATIONS, INFORMED BY WONDER, ARE THE WAY TO LIVE EVERY DAY WITH AN OPEN HEART!”

See you again, very soon. 🙂

Filled with WONDER,

Janet VGRobinson