I WONDER… Thoughts on Death and Resurrection

Thoughts on DEATH AND RESURRECTION – the day after Easter.

This morning I woke up to a gentle touch. It was exactly as if someone laid a gentle hand on my side to wake me up. It felt like a mother’s touch. No person was in my room. I’ve been having more & more experiences like that – very real, but not natural. It doesn’t frighten me. I simply take it at face value because I believe the spirit realm is real and God loves me. The veil seems to be getting thinner.

I am often woken with thoughts…. and that’s how my day begins. [Isaiah 50:4 He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed.] Today’s were about death and life after death. I’ve been pondering this for a while…. ever since a few years ago I had the experience of being at the bedside of a birth and a death very close together. They suddenly became very connected.

I want to start by sharing this little piece written by Henri Nouwen:

“Twins are talking to each other in the womb. The sister said to the brother, “I believe there is life after birth.” Her brother protested vehemently, “No, no, this is all there is. This is a dark and cozy place, and we have nothing else to do but to cling to the cord that feeds us.” The little girl insisted, “There must be something more than this dark place. There must be something else, a place with light where there is freedom to move.” Still she could not convince her twin brother.

After some silence, the sister said hesitantly, “I have something else to say, and I’m afraid you won’t believe that, either, but I think there is a mother.” Her brother became furious. “A mother!” he shouted. “What are you talking about?” I have never seen a mother, and neither have you. Who put that idea in your head? As I told you, this place is all we have. Why do you always want more? This is not such a bad place, after all. We have all we need, so let’s be content.”

The sister was quite overwhelmed by her brother’s response and for a while didn’t dare say anything more. But she couldn’t let go of her thoughts, and since she only had her twin brother to speak to, she finally said, “Don’t you feel these squeezes every once in a while? They’re quite unpleasant and sometimes even painful.” “Yes,” he answered. “What’s special about that?” “Well”, the sister said, “I think that these squeezes are there to get us ready for another place, much more beautiful than this, where we will see our mother face-to-face. Don’t you think that’s exciting???”

Thank you, Henri, I love that!

The birth I had the privilege to attend was Amari Bazett’s debut into the world. She passed through her mother’s birth canal from her small dark home into the bright light of a new day – to live out her life in the world she’d only ‘felt,’ ‘heard’ and ’seen through a glass darkly’ by her senses for a relatively short 9-month period of development, that could potentially last about 90 years.

The death I had the privilege to attend, with several other’s surrounding her bed, was Terri Hesselgesser’s passing from this life to the next. Her spirit left the body that had housed it for too short a time, here…. to pass through a ‘tunnel towards the light’ that looks and feels like a birth canal, from all descriptions of near death experiences. [I’ve had one myself]. We call this ‘death’ because our loved one leaves this world – and enters the next. Just like birth. But they are actually very much alive – ‘on the other side’ – in the place they’d only ‘felt,’ ‘heard’ and ’seen through a glass darkly’ by their senses, for a relatively short period of development.

For our fleeting 90 years, or less, here – we are being prepared for the real life we were made for – there. ‘On the other side of the veil’ means to be, finally, ‘Face to Face’; ‘in the arms of God’ (our Heavenly Father/Mother/Lover); ‘Alive in the light of Eternal Day’ … experiencing what awaits us that we’ve only had brief glimpses and guesses at throughout our life span – here. [I Corinthians 2:9 Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”]

I WONDER…. Are we somehow ‘in the womb of God’ in this life? Completely surrounded by and fed with His/Her life-sustaining chord of attachment? Is the veil growing thinner much like the effacing of the membrane separating a baby, pre- birth, from the world he/she is about to enter? Was the gentle touch I experienced this morning like a mother’s hand on her belly – intentionally ‘touching’ the baby separated by a thin veil of flesh between them?