Honor Asks

“Good question…”

A good question is powerful. It causes us to search for an answer that needs to be found. I aspire to be one who asks good questions, because I believe others finding their answers is more important than them hearing mine. It is a guiding principle for all good counseling sessions. It is a guiding principle for all respectful relationships. Honor asks. Good questions empower people. 

God’s first questions in the Bible tell us a lot about Him. His response to man’s fall from glory is,  Where are you?”  Then, “Who told you that…?”  And right after the exodus from the garden, to Cain… “Why are you angry?” He asks questions not because he doesn’t know the answers. He knows. But His way is not to tell what He knows. His way is to invite man into relationship with Himself. He asks because He is inviting Adam to contemplate and then relate ‘Where he really is…’ and admit the truth about ‘Who it is who told him he was naked…’ He invites Cain, in the midst of his melt down, to bring his feelings and struggles to honest relationship – ‘Come and tell Me about it.’  In relating, there will be in-to-me-see, there will be honesty, and there will be a transfer of life.

The enemy, too, knows about good questions. Leading questions. His questions, from the garden with Eve to the desert with Jesus invite to relationship with lies and destruction.  “Did God say?” “IF you are who God says…” And with a good question, the seed of doubt is planted. 

God is relational. As His image bearers, so are we. To the core. He invites our questions. The God of the Universe wants to discuss things that matter to us, with us. He does not tell us the answers. He loves our process of discovery within a safe, honoring relationship with Himself. He assumes we have something important to say. Something worth listening to. He even allows human beings to change His mind. He allows Himself to be ‘affected’ by us and our perspective. He is secure. Secure enough to not have to be the ‘know it all’… the one always ‘in control,’ although it is His right. “Come let us reason together…” says the God of the universe to the little man He created. I value your thoughts, your opinions – lets sit down and discuss this together. Tell me how you see this thing… 

Revelation 4:1 Come up here.

Isaiah 1:18 Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord.

Psalm 18:35 Your gentleness and condescension make me great .

Some good question I’ve been asked:

“What kind of fish do you want?”
This question came from God to me during Bible School. The obvious context is “I  will make you fisher’s of men.” He was asking me who I wanted my life to impact. I knew He would give me what I answered. I answered carefully!

“What are your life’s three passion words?”
Mine? ‘Awakening.’  ‘Grace.’  ‘Glory.’  
What are yours?

“What is your life message?”
My life message has to do with ‘Transformation: the awakening of who we really are, by the power of grace, for the glory of God.’ I live to make ‘Spiritual realities emotionally practical’ for others. This has been my life journey in God, and we can only impart what we’ve become.

Good questions. God questions. 

Now it’s your turn.

God, what question do You want to ask me today?