God Who Sees me

Hagar’s name for God when He saw her affliction (Genesis 16:13).


At a spring in the wilderness

on the road to ‘Sure’

where I am in the in-between

of where I’ve come from

and where I am going…


God meets me

to help me

on my way to ‘sure’

by asking His timely wise questions

helping me to see and know

Where is it I have come from?

Where is it I am going?

He doesn’t come to tell me

He comes to ask me

to tell Him.


This God Who Springs forth

in dry places

where I don’t know where I’m going.

I drink.

I listen.

I answer.

In the answering I understand me

and I realize I am understood.

His breath blows on my understanding

it’s like a dance

He and me

figuring out me, together.


Peace comes…

even in this unknown place


as I comprehend

I’m never alone

but known,



And suddenly

little me

“Slave girl of Sarah’

carrying child not Your plan

know Who You are.

You are El Roi.

For I have seen

the One Who Sees me.


In the seeing Who You are

I know who I am

and where I am.

I am ‘one who is seen’


I am in Your watchful care.

No matter between

Wandering (Kadesh) & Cold (Bered)

on the road to sure….

and the most amazing thing

is You allowing

little woman slave me

to NAME God.


I know You see

I know You see me

and I know this:

You are The Mighty

who condescends

to the low.

You, All-Knowing


onto every path I go.

You – Living Water

spring forth in my thirst

and memorialize my passing

with a well named after Yourself.


~ thoughts inspired from Hagar’s story in Genesis 16.

BY: Janet Robinson