Did the Grass Sing? …

Walking in the woods this morning, I realized my after-Easter tiredness (whether from too much partying or too much sugar?)… as I found it more difficult than usual to describe such gorgeous surroundings with creativity: “forest slits revealing pale skies… sunlit pools on fresh greens… announcing first fragile days of Spring!… twittering birds… and few cars invading this peaceful Northwest morning.”  I remembered my too-long-abandoned blog… and came home to an email from someone ‘waiting and waiting for another blog on my web site’ – so thank you to that one for inspiring me. I commit to share my daily writings more faithfully with you who frequent our Awake & Arise site!

Your comments are now welcome — please note this new addition and share your thoughts!

Apologies aside…

Song lyrics from an old Easter favorite by Sandy Patti rolled through my thoughts this morning… “Did the grass sing? Did the earth rejoice to feel you again?” It inspires me to imagine the earth itself responding to HIS RISING from the Dead!!

Have you heard? Scientists have discovered that flowers unfold every morning not to the always-supposed dawn of light… but to the sound of the songs of waking birds? 

Have you heard? Scientists have announced that every human being has his/her own ‘sound’ in the form of personal vibrations… which they call each one’s “own song.”

There’s a book I’ve felt called to write for a handful of years. It’s title?…  My Own Song of Songs. One morning in my early 30’s I journaled an amazing truth: “I am a beautiful song that has never been sung.” It was one of those Holy Spirit inspired ‘I didn’t know that was in there’ moments.

Imagine for a moment… there’s this incredible composer who creates the most excellent music ever written… only for most of His songs to be put away in a drawer and never known… played… heard… or enjoyed. This is as every human being… created before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:4) – how many of us become ‘who God meant when He meant me’? There is a Beautiful Song That Has Never Been Sung – Yours!

Every man dies – but not every man truly lives!
~  Mel Gibson in Bravehart

What We ARE

Songs that have been stashed away and tucked,
Deep in our hearts strings waiting to be plucked,
God tuning our instruments to each its own sound,
Songs that are never sung, Drums that never pound,
To be so beautiful and never be heard,
Crys, laughs, and emotions those are our words, 
To be so beautiful and never to be read,
The enemy’s plan to hide us, hide our spirits till we’re dead,
However with God we are uncovered, opened and spread.

~ Inspired by Janet VG Robinson
  A Gift to Ron Robinson
written by S. Troy Burrows II
  at Awake & Arise, 2-20-05