Being Humble

It’s Friday morning… one of my favorites. After a full week of counseling, I very much need to let my hair down in an unhurried pace. I love people, but I can only love them well when I have time for my own soul to be restored. That is best done for me in unhurried quiet with God. On Friday mornings, I don’t even want to see Ron (which is somewhat confusing for him and somewhat unfair – but he is getting used to me and my needs).

So, today, my soul was weary and burdened. I saw myself enter My Daddy’s throne room and walk toward Him, sit at His feet, and just rest against His legs. I needed His attention, to feel His strength, to be assured. He lifted me onto His lap and nestled me against His chest. He rocked me. He reminded me the way is always open, and this was always my place. I felt I could stay there all day. But Jesus came bursting in from what seemed a side door and joyously invited me to an adventure with Him out in the sunshine (yes, it’s ‘sunning’ in the Northwest this morning). I felt like a little child being invited on a picnic. His joy was infectious!

So, I had a Pecan Blackberry Bran Muffin with Ron, then donned my sweats and dirty tennies and slipped out the door for a walk in the woods. I was especially aware of Jesus’ companionship, walking on my left side. A ways into my normal trail, I just paused and stood in the isolated quiet for a long time. I drank in the refreshing aloneness, the beauty, the green, and all the birds’ songs. I loved just being alone with my Jesus. I wanted more than Him beside me – I wanted to be ‘in’ Him. He is my safe place. My refuge. My rock of strength. I stepped into Him. The verse, “For me, to live is Christ,” came to mind. I heard the sound of Angie (Stogdill’s) voice singing a favorite song: “You Surround Me.” (Thanks, Angie, for being there : ). My spirit resonated with “I must have more of you.” I heard, “You need me more than sleep.” (I’ve been sleeping in lately and not had as much essential quiet time). Then I heard Him say to me, “I must have more of you.” I realized that I am much like a car – if I do not get regular oil changes, I don’t run very well. I have come to know in life that to be “me” and to do what I do requires “high maintenance”, spiritually speaking.  I began to walk again, pondering this need to stay “vitally united” with The Vine. I felt deeply refreshed, rejuvenated, calmed. Relaxed, in Him.

I sauntered home in the sun, planning to stop by my computer and humbly share this with you, my readers. It is humbling to be open with you – “letting you in” to know me and my walk with Him… especially not even knowing who “you” will exactly be. I have attached to His idea of “humility”, since He inspired that blog the other day…

So, I hope my blessing this morning blesses you. I am off to Delayne’s to get my hair colored. She is a very special friend – a safe haven for my heart. Delightful. Both deep and fun. Very sunshiny, like Jesus. It is a privilege to call her friend. 

Have a blessed Friday, and drink deeper of HIm. He is the answer to all your needs.